Great News For Hāmākua Loa, and how you can help!


As you may know A&B has listed for sale hundreds of acres from Maliko Piahi. The community spoke up and spoke out for open space, cultural preservation, agriculture etc. Last year we got $3 million in the budget and the mayor wanted more funds and a more specific request regarding which lots.

This year Councilmember Don Guzman has included a $6.5 mil request for Kuiaha Lots 4,5 & 3 on his FY-17 budget proposal to the Budget & Finance Committee for their consideration. This would enable the Mayor to purchase 85.3 acres with existing Open Space funds for public use in perpetuity.

Proposed Acquisition North Shore Open Space 6-2015


We have until Friday this week to convince Councilmembers to support and vote for the $6.5 million Councilmember Don Guzman proposed to purchase 85.3 acres of N. Shore coastal land for public use.  Protect the `aina, preserve access and cultural heritage, support open space and agriculture. The County Budget Committee will meet for decision-making 4/25/16 through 4/28/16 at 9am in the Chambers in Wailuku & on 4/29/16 at 1pm. Testimony will be taken each day at the start of the meeting. You will have 3 minutes to convey your testimony.


In Person:

200 S. High St. Wailuku
Monday 4/25/16  9:00am
Tuesday 4/26/16  9:00am
Wednesday 4/27/16 9:00am
Thursday 4/28/16 9:00am
Friday 4/29/16 1:00pm

While in person testimony may be inconvenient yet it is very powerful! If at all possible please come, look around for Malama Hāmākua T-shirts to wear as well. Someone may have them there or you can get them in Ha’ikū in the little boutique next to the Pauwela Cannery!

By Email:

Written testimony can be submitted via email to:

Snail Mail:

Maui County Council – Budget & Finance Committee
200 S. High Street, 7th Flr., Wailuku, HI 96793.

Sign the online petition and request that our County Council set aside funds to purchase these lands.

Join our mailing list to be notified up upcoming meetings and the progress of this movement.


1. State name and where you live
2. State your position, “I’m here today in support of…”
3. Personalize, why does this matter to you, what experience do you
4. Generalize, why is it good for others
5. Restate your position
You can bring copies of your testimony as well, 18 total this time around, can be helpful if you have more information then your 3 minutes allows such as documents, studies etc.


A coalition of concerned people have formed a non-profit called Malama Hamakua Maui. The calling is to preserve and protect the land for cultural activities, education, agriculture and recreation. This non-profit is now able to accept funds on behalf of the community to preserve N. Shore lands now and as the effort moves forward. Please visit the website and fb page.

Your Voice Counts

We are so pleased to share that the Council has heard you and is listening! We will be acquiring the Baldwin Beach property AND  the Council is ensuring that the Playground Committee gets $75K – half of its grant money – up front to expedite the restoration! This all happened last Tues at a Budget Committee hearing and won’t be final until after second reading before full Council Oct. 3rd, but YES! we all spoke out and they listened. Thanks to all who submitted testimony and to the Council Budget Committee!

Budget committee budget committee 1

If you love Baldwin Beach: ask the County Council to “Expand the Park”

We could Expand Baldwin Beach!

Maui has the opportunity to acquire 35.5 acres of land between Baldwin Beach and Paia Town as part of the County’s purchase of a separate site for a new County Service Center! This is too good to let slip away.
If you would like to see Maui extend the Baldwin Beach Park along Hana Hwy to Pa’ia Town please TESTIFY!

Maui Island Plan

Maui Island Plan Chapter 10 — IMPLEMENTATION CHAPTER

The Maui island Plan is currently being reviewd by the council and does not reflect many of the important community recommendations that were made by the General Island Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). Those recommendations were the voice of our communities and they have been largely cut out of the final version. Please take a moment to educate yourself and make your voice heard by the council!

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