If you love Baldwin Beach: ask the County Council to “Expand the Park”

We could Expand Baldwin Beach!

Maui has the opportunity to acquire 35.5 acres of land between Baldwin Beach and Paia Town as part of the County’s purchase of a separate site for a new County Service Center! This is too good to let slip away.
If you would like to see Maui extend the Baldwin Beach Park along Hana Hwy to Pa’ia Town please TESTIFY!


Agenda Item 14-157


Please come and TESTIFY Friday the 20th at 9am.
200 High Street,  8th Floor, Council Chambers




Mike White 270-5507
Don Couch 270-7108
Elle Cochran 270-5504
Riki Hokama 270-7768
Gladys Baisa 270-7939
Robert Carroll 270-7246
Michael Victorino 270-7760
Don Guzman 270-5501
Stacy Crivello 270-7678

What’s The Deal?

Maui County will need to move its Main Service Center (Motor Vehicle License center, etc) from the Maui Mall to a new location by 2015.
Two new locations are offered by landowners and each comes with a “bonus” of land to “sweeten the deal”.


  • Relocate the Main Service Center into a 4 acre parcel of the New A&B Business Park in Kahului (Behind Home Depot).
  • A&B would then donate the 35.5 acres between Baldwin Beach Park and Pa’ia Bay Park
  • Total expenditure per acre included in this option is about $180,900.


  • Relocate the Main Serivce Center into a 5 acre parcel in the Kehalani Village Center in Wailuku (near the new Longs).
  • Kehalani would then donate 14.4 acres nearby for affordable housing.
  • Total expenditure per acre in this option is about $338,228. Additionally Kehalani is a 550 acre community planned by developers at the base of the West Maui Mountains. The county

The choice is clear. Expanding Baldwin Beach Park is a less expensive option delivering more bang for our tax bucks. The Maui Island Plan calls for this land to be Park Land and would help to complete the bikeway from Pa’ia to Kahului. The County Service Center would be most centrally located with easy access at the Business Park in Kahului. And the County should be working with creative developers and landowners who have the vision who create livable affordable housing without relying on tax floated land deals to create a Maui Nui we can be proud of.

Your representatives need to know what you want and that you expect them to represent you. Please get in touch with them ASAP and encourage them to make the right choice and act soon, lets not let this opportunity slip away.

Additional Information Including Maps:

Sites Compete 1



North shore park map

Pa’ia Bay Site Map – Where Our Park Would Be

Paia Donation Site Map

Maui Business Park Site Map – Where the County Service Center Would Be

MBP Site Map

Kehalani Site Map – The Other Option for the Service Center

Kehalani Site Map