HCA 2014 Survey Results

We recently completed a fun and information community survey that we will use to guide our activities. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Some Notable Quotes:
“Where is our fire station?”
“No more development until the Elementary school is addressed and Paia Baypass is in”
“Ag rates should go to farmers doing real ag”
“We should review development proposals BEFORE they are permitted”
“Save K-Bay!”
“We need to fix our roads and put in our bike paths”










Maui Island Plan

Maui Island Plan Chapter 10 — IMPLEMENTATION CHAPTER

The Maui island Plan is currently being reviewd by the council and does not reflect many of the important community recommendations that were made by the General Island Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). Those recommendations were the voice of our communities and they have been largely cut out of the final version. Please take a moment to educate yourself and make your voice heard by the council!

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