Save Kalakupua Playground


It’s been about forever now that the playground has been closed and it’s time for us to get it fixed and reopened. The playground needs your help.


Our Playground was built with an amazing volunteer effort spearheaded by Karin Cooper and River Sussman in 2004 on land Michael Gagne of the Ha’iku Community Association was instrumental in obtaining for the 4th Marine Park.

Children, parents, teachers and community members got involved and collectively designed and built the playground we miss so much.  Overtime the original team moved on, their children grew up, and funding was lost. Ultimately the playground fell into disrepair and had to be closed for safety.

Work (27)It’s loss has reminded us that the playground is more then a structure, it’s where friendships are forged, parents connect and community is created. This playground is a testament to the power of people working together for the good of the community. It’s a legacy of the North Shore that visitors from all over the island come to visit. It was even voted Maui’s Best Playground by Maui Times readers, when it was closed!!

Restoration has already begun! The Ha’iku Community Association’s Playground Committee, Brianne Savage from Keiki (18)Maui County Parks and Recreation, Council Member Mike White, and an awesome crew of volunteers have been working hard to bring back the fun. $150K in seed money from the County has been secured, old footing removed, cleaning and repairs for the structure have been underway.


Saturday, September 13

Tasks will include, gentle demolition of certain areas, finishing the pressure washing, and beginning to rebuild and seal the structure. More helping hands means a quicker reopening so come on out and play! Bring closed-toed shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, hat and any tools you have such as pressure washers, electric screwdrivers, ratchets, crow bars, shovels, rakes, etc.

For a more efficient and coordinated effort let the Ha’iku Community Association’s Playground Committee know your coming, what you’re bringing, and if you’ll play with the kids. Visit, on Facebook “Save Kalakupua Playground” or call 435-4020 for more information.

The Playground Committee has some vacancies as well and would appreciate a few more helping hands! Let’s get our playground back!

Mahalo to Haleaklala Bike Company, North Shore Shore Zip Line, Flatbread Pizza Company and many other local supporters for their generous donations.